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Common issues found in LED Television

Indian homes are incomplete without a television, initially CRT was is use but now a days it is replaced by LED / LCD or OLED / QLED. But since this is an electronic device it is prone to repair if not taken care. In this blog we will explain you common LED Television problems and their solutions.

  • LED Television does not show any picture

Your TV goes blank automatically and you don’t see any picture. This is one of the common problems found in LED. To resolve this you can check your main board were the power supply pin is connected if it is connected properly then check if your child has pressed any automation button on the remote. After checking if you still find that the TV is not working then there might be a problem with the power supply main board or power board of television. In this case you might need to call an experienced technician and check for the solution.

  • You get to see horizontal line after starting the television

This issue occurs generally when there is low signal in the set top box cable. If you have old version Led TV this issue rarely occurs but you have the new version of Led TV it requires more input signal compared to the old one. There can also be an internal issue that need to be checked with an expert technician. He might advise to switch to an HD set top box. You can also try restarting the TV set, or checking for loose connections and cleaning any dirt or dust in the television.

  • The sound speakers do not work

In this case there might be an issue with the internal speakers and the audio IC. Here you can try replacing the old speakers with the new one. This can solve your problem. This is very rare problem and also can be easily repaired so not a very big issue. This issue involves replacing the Television part so you might want to call the expert technician and get replaced the speakers. 

  • The Wi-Fi connection does not get connected to the LED TV

This problem may be in the router of the TV or can also lie internal to the LED. In this case try connecting the television from your mobile hotspot if this get connected then you might have a problem with the router. You can try to reset the router or updating the firmware in the router. This trick should work successfully. Alternatively you can try buying the Wi-Fi extender and check if the LED television get connected to the internet. And if you found the signal strength is fine then you can purchase a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

  • Freezing picture in the LED television

Here there is no problem in the Led but there can be problem in the main boards or the source of your TV the satellite or the cable. This can cause due to rain, wind or snow that can disturb the aerials or signals of the TV. In this case you can check for the signal around your area, this can be checked online and you will get to know if the signal is weak or working fine. You can also try asking your neighbours, if they have same issue then might be an issue with the local transmitter, the weather or the signal in your area. You can also try checking for the connections connected to the TV. Unplug the TV cables and try connecting them back after few minutes. After doing all possible DIY methods if you still finds that the television still shows freezing picture then you might need to call an expert to resolve and check the root cause.

Thus from this blog we have seen common issues found in the latest technology LED TV and possible DIY solutions for the same. If you could not repair it at home then you might need to call an expert and get the issue resolved. Check if your television is under warranty or try finding the best and affordable service center near you. We at Kanchan Services have experts having years of experience you can try contacting us. We provide repair and services to all branded and non-branded LED TV and projectors.