Important tips to take care of your Led Tv

Important tips to take care of your Led Tv

By following some essential tips you can maintain your LED TV and thus increase the life of your LED TV Screen.  Maintaining your TV time to time will save most of your repairing cost and you don’t have to replace new parts. Simple things have big effects like most often we forget to turn off our TV before sleeping, if the voltage in the power supply is left unchecked then it gives rise to electricity spikes resulting in internal circuit degradation. And most important is dust which can cause short circuit damaging the screen beyond repair. Here are some essential tips which can help to maintain your LED TV set.

Always turn off your LED Tv.

According to experts the life span of your television set is near about 65000 hours. And many times if we are not watching our Tv or before sleeping we forget to turn off our LED tv which gradually becomes ones habit, thus the lifespan decreases and soon in a year or two you will need a repair. This can be avoided by simply making a habit to turn off your LED TV time to time when no one is watching the TV.

Make use of Surge protector or a voltage regulator

Surge protector can save your Led Tv when there is sudden spike in the voltage. These generally happen during thunder storms or when there is lightning. Also when there is a power cut and suddenly the power is back voltage fluctuations occur. Surge protector is quite economical and it not only protects your LED Tv but also other electronic equipment like fridge, washing machine, oven etc.

Maintain the brightness level

Keep the brightness of your screen minimum because if it is left to maximum for a longer time it reduces the lifespan of your LED Tv. Also too much brightness level of your screen can cause eye strain so it is advisable to keep the optimal brightness. So if you want your LED Tv to function for longer time brightness should be adjusted as required.

Keep your LED Tv clean & keep dust away.

It is advised to keep your LED Tv screen clean because sometimes dust accumulates over the screen which affects the visibility of the screen. Never use water for cleaning the screen makes use of Anti- Static electricity cleansers to keep your Tv safe. Keep dust away as it can settle not only on screen but inside of your screen as well and can result your LED tv to respond slowly. For removing the dust you can use electronic vacuum pumps.

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