Tanzo X pro

Common Issues found in Projector

Projector Image is discolored

This is one of the common issues found in Projectors and it cannot be resolved by replacing the lamp. For example if your projector shows a red, yellow, blue or purple tint along all or any part of your image, it needs a service from professionals. This type of discolored image indicates an issue with the polarizing plate for LCD projector or color wheel in case of DLP projectors. If we found this issue early in LCD projectors then it requires only cleaning or recalibration of color module. But if we neglect this and wait too long then this repair will be costly and involves replacement of prism assembly or polarizing plates.

Dark spots, Specks or Dust on Projector Image

Projectors need cleaning on annual or semi-annual basis if neglected then it will be shown on your projector image as dots or specks mainly this happens due to dust within the optical section. If the dust is settled on the colour module then the dots will appear as a tinted colour or hue, in this case the polarizing plate in LCD projector need to be cleaned or the colour wheel in the DLP projector needs to be cleaned.

Projector Power issues and it will not power on

Sometimes if the projector shuts off unexpectedly then there can be an issue with the ballast, cooling system, software or power supply. Rarely there can also be a damage in the internal circuit boards. In this case the repair will involve finding the cause of this problem and thorough cleaning of the cooling channels.

Blinking Light in projector

If the green or red status light is blinking constantly then this may indicates one of the system messages. This can mean that it’s time to replace the lamp, the projector needs to be cleaned or the projector is overheating. If this indication status light is accompanied by a power on issues then this may indicate more severe failure related to main board, ballast or fan replacement.

Tips for maintenance of your Projector

We recommend to take care of the expensive projectors, this will help to increase the life of your projector. For offices and schools using high brightness projectors we will suggest to have servicing calls in six months, so that if any issue is found it can be resolved on early basis.