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Common issues found in LED Television

Indian homes are incomplete without a television, initially CRT was is use but now a days it is replaced by LED / LCD or OLED / QLED. But since this is an electronic device it is prone to repair if not taken care. In this blog we will explain you common LED Television problems and their solutions.

  • LED Television does not show any picture

Your TV goes blank automatically and you don’t see any picture. This is one of the common problems found in LED. To resolve this you can check your main board were the power supply pin is connected if it is connected properly then check if your child has pressed any automation button on the remote. After checking if you still find that the TV is not working then there might be a problem with the power supply main board or power board of television. In this case you might need to call an experienced technician and check for the solution.

  • You get to see horizontal line after starting the television

This issue occurs generally when there is low signal in the set top box cable. If you have old version Led TV this issue rarely occurs but you have the new version of Led TV it requires more input signal compared to the old one. There can also be an internal issue that need to be checked with an expert technician. He might advise to switch to an HD set top box. You can also try restarting the TV set, or checking for loose connections and cleaning any dirt or dust in the television.

  • The sound speakers do not work

In this case there might be an issue with the internal speakers and the audio IC. Here you can try replacing the old speakers with the new one. This can solve your problem. This is very rare problem and also can be easily repaired so not a very big issue. This issue involves replacing the Television part so you might want to call the expert technician and get replaced the speakers. 

  • The Wi-Fi connection does not get connected to the LED TV

This problem may be in the router of the TV or can also lie internal to the LED. In this case try connecting the television from your mobile hotspot if this get connected then you might have a problem with the router. You can try to reset the router or updating the firmware in the router. This trick should work successfully. Alternatively you can try buying the Wi-Fi extender and check if the LED television get connected to the internet. And if you found the signal strength is fine then you can purchase a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

  • Freezing picture in the LED television

Here there is no problem in the Led but there can be problem in the main boards or the source of your TV the satellite or the cable. This can cause due to rain, wind or snow that can disturb the aerials or signals of the TV. In this case you can check for the signal around your area, this can be checked online and you will get to know if the signal is weak or working fine. You can also try asking your neighbours, if they have same issue then might be an issue with the local transmitter, the weather or the signal in your area. You can also try checking for the connections connected to the TV. Unplug the TV cables and try connecting them back after few minutes. After doing all possible DIY methods if you still finds that the television still shows freezing picture then you might need to call an expert to resolve and check the root cause.

Thus from this blog we have seen common issues found in the latest technology LED TV and possible DIY solutions for the same. If you could not repair it at home then you might need to call an expert and get the issue resolved. Check if your television is under warranty or try finding the best and affordable service center near you. We at Kanchan Services have experts having years of experience you can try contacting us. We provide repair and services to all branded and non-branded LED TV and projectors.

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Common Issues found in Projector

Projector Image is discolored

This is one of the common issues found in Projectors and it cannot be resolved by replacing the lamp. For example if your projector shows a red, yellow, blue or purple tint along all or any part of your image, it needs a service from professionals. This type of discolored image indicates an issue with the polarizing plate for LCD projector or color wheel in case of DLP projectors. If we found this issue early in LCD projectors then it requires only cleaning or recalibration of color module. But if we neglect this and wait too long then this repair will be costly and involves replacement of prism assembly or polarizing plates.

Dark spots, Specks or Dust on Projector Image

Projectors need cleaning on annual or semi-annual basis if neglected then it will be shown on your projector image as dots or specks mainly this happens due to dust within the optical section. If the dust is settled on the colour module then the dots will appear as a tinted colour or hue, in this case the polarizing plate in LCD projector need to be cleaned or the colour wheel in the DLP projector needs to be cleaned.

Projector Power issues and it will not power on

Sometimes if the projector shuts off unexpectedly then there can be an issue with the ballast, cooling system, software or power supply. Rarely there can also be a damage in the internal circuit boards. In this case the repair will involve finding the cause of this problem and thorough cleaning of the cooling channels.

Blinking Light in projector

If the green or red status light is blinking constantly then this may indicates one of the system messages. This can mean that it’s time to replace the lamp, the projector needs to be cleaned or the projector is overheating. If this indication status light is accompanied by a power on issues then this may indicate more severe failure related to main board, ballast or fan replacement.

Tips for maintenance of your Projector

We recommend to take care of the expensive projectors, this will help to increase the life of your projector. For offices and schools using high brightness projectors we will suggest to have servicing calls in six months, so that if any issue is found it can be resolved on early basis.


OLED and QLED Technology – A glimpse and introduction

From past few years a technology by name OLED and QLED is been heard a lot, if you go in a market to buy any TV you must have come across this word OLED and QLED.  Passing through a shop or coming across such banner or any newspaper advertisement have you ever been curious about what exactly it means. This blog will explain some basic differences between the two and can help you to make decision, when you go to buy a TV and which type of LED fits best for you. Also OLD and QLED tv repair is also considered while choosing to buy new LED Tv

First we will understand the meaning of LED, then we will go through OLED and finally we will run you through QLED in simple terms.

So LED Tv uses light emitting diodes to backlight the display of Tv instead of CCFLs that is the cold cathode fluorescent lights which is used in standard LCD Tv. The light Emitting Diode uses red, green and blue light to create various shades of different coloured light, and in case of tv screens these millions of tiny marvels are arranged in a panel of LED tv and this panel is illuminated from behind or from side which creates the display you can see.

Now we will understand OLED, That is Organic Light Emitting Diode. This technology is quite different from LED tv. The display of Led Tv uses organic substance which is used as a semiconductor material in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The organic thin films are sandwiched between two conductors and thus the display is created. When power supply is applied to this structure bright light is emitted. This OLED display are thinner hence weightless than other type of display as they don’t require backlighting. OLED display uses only 2 – 10 volts to operate and also has a wide viewing angle up to 160 degrees even in bright light.                    

Then what about QLED? This is often seen as an alternative to OLED Tv, It was introduced by SAMSUNG immediately after the OLED TV. The QLED refers to Quantum dot LED Tv, most of these tv has a film of red and green quantum dots and integrated into the screen architecture with a blue light at the back side providing illumination. Now you must have understood the meaning of OLED and QLED. As this TV’s are new in the market hence the cost is quite higher as compared to other Led Tv. But when the technology is matured the cost may come down. Both Tv has few pros and cons and at last the choice of selecting the LED Tv is yours. As the costing is higher the repairing cost is also higher compared to normal LED. But we at kanchan Services have repaired few of the panel from OLED and QLED and our experts are trained to do the work so precisely that you won’t regret our services. So next time if you are looking for LED/ OLED/ QLED tv repair provider. Kanchan Services is always here to help you out. Contact us for more details.


Important tips to take care of your Led Tv

Important tips to take care of your Led Tv

By following some essential tips you can maintain your LED TV and thus increase the life of your LED TV Screen.  Maintaining your TV time to time will save most of your repairing cost and you don’t have to replace new parts. Simple things have big effects like most often we forget to turn off our TV before sleeping, if the voltage in the power supply is left unchecked then it gives rise to electricity spikes resulting in internal circuit degradation. And most important is dust which can cause short circuit damaging the screen beyond repair. Here are some essential tips which can help to maintain your LED TV set.

Always turn off your LED Tv.

According to experts the life span of your television set is near about 65000 hours. And many times if we are not watching our Tv or before sleeping we forget to turn off our LED tv which gradually becomes ones habit, thus the lifespan decreases and soon in a year or two you will need a repair. This can be avoided by simply making a habit to turn off your LED TV time to time when no one is watching the TV.

Make use of Surge protector or a voltage regulator

Surge protector can save your Led Tv when there is sudden spike in the voltage. These generally happen during thunder storms or when there is lightning. Also when there is a power cut and suddenly the power is back voltage fluctuations occur. Surge protector is quite economical and it not only protects your LED Tv but also other electronic equipment like fridge, washing machine, oven etc.

Maintain the brightness level

Keep the brightness of your screen minimum because if it is left to maximum for a longer time it reduces the lifespan of your LED Tv. Also too much brightness level of your screen can cause eye strain so it is advisable to keep the optimal brightness. So if you want your LED Tv to function for longer time brightness should be adjusted as required.

Keep your LED Tv clean & keep dust away.

It is advised to keep your LED Tv screen clean because sometimes dust accumulates over the screen which affects the visibility of the screen. Never use water for cleaning the screen makes use of Anti- Static electricity cleansers to keep your Tv safe. Keep dust away as it can settle not only on screen but inside of your screen as well and can result your LED tv to respond slowly. For removing the dust you can use electronic vacuum pumps.