OLED and QLED Technology – A glimpse and introduction

From past few years a technology by name OLED and QLED is been heard a lot, if you go in a market to buy any TV you must have come across this word OLED and QLED.  Passing through a shop or coming across such banner or any newspaper advertisement have you ever been curious about what exactly it means. This blog will explain some basic differences between the two and can help you to make decision, when you go to buy a TV and which type of LED fits best for you. Also OLD and QLED tv repair is also considered while choosing to buy new LED Tv

First we will understand the meaning of LED, then we will go through OLED and finally we will run you through QLED in simple terms.

So LED Tv uses light emitting diodes to backlight the display of Tv instead of CCFLs that is the cold cathode fluorescent lights which is used in standard LCD Tv. The light Emitting Diode uses red, green and blue light to create various shades of different coloured light, and in case of tv screens these millions of tiny marvels are arranged in a panel of LED tv and this panel is illuminated from behind or from side which creates the display you can see.

Now we will understand OLED, That is Organic Light Emitting Diode. This technology is quite different from LED tv. The display of Led Tv uses organic substance which is used as a semiconductor material in Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The organic thin films are sandwiched between two conductors and thus the display is created. When power supply is applied to this structure bright light is emitted. This OLED display are thinner hence weightless than other type of display as they don’t require backlighting. OLED display uses only 2 – 10 volts to operate and also has a wide viewing angle up to 160 degrees even in bright light.                    

Then what about QLED? This is often seen as an alternative to OLED Tv, It was introduced by SAMSUNG immediately after the OLED TV. The QLED refers to Quantum dot LED Tv, most of these tv has a film of red and green quantum dots and integrated into the screen architecture with a blue light at the back side providing illumination. Now you must have understood the meaning of OLED and QLED. As this TV’s are new in the market hence the cost is quite higher as compared to other Led Tv. But when the technology is matured the cost may come down. Both Tv has few pros and cons and at last the choice of selecting the LED Tv is yours. As the costing is higher the repairing cost is also higher compared to normal LED. But we at kanchan Services have repaired few of the panel from OLED and QLED and our experts are trained to do the work so precisely that you won’t regret our services. So next time if you are looking for LED/ OLED/ QLED tv repair provider. Kanchan Services is always here to help you out. Contact us for more details.

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